Saturday, May 18, 2013

Finals, Recital, and Visa Applications

It has been a long time since I posted last. Essentially nothing super cool has happened yet. I successfully completed my role in the Texas Tech Production of Iolanthe, and completed my junior recital on May 4th. I have finished finals and am excited to be heading home for the summer to prepare for Vienna in August.

The most eventful thing that has happened was this past week. Because I lived in the dorms, I was kicked out May15th. However my ride back home was graduating and wasn't leaving until May
19th. So I illegally slept on my ex-roommates couch until she was kicked out on May 17. Since then I have been couch surfing with some of my really awesome and super cool friends who have graciously allowed me to crash at their houses. I finally feel like a real college student.


My to List looks like this:

Apply at Consulate for Visa and resident permit
Purchase a camera for pictures
Watch Star Trek Into Darkness 38 times
Pack for Vienna

I am beginning to feel nervous and excited about my up-coming trip. 

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