Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shopping, Walking, Ect.

We finished orientation on a Saturday afternoon and drove from Mariazell to Vienna. It was an interesting couple of days.

Fact: Practically everything (like grocery stores and many restaurants and pharmacies) are closed on Sunday in Vienna.

Fact: Grocery stores close early on Saturday, like 6 pm.

Fact: We arrived in Vienna and had to move in, meet the landlady, and deal with all of that craziness.

Reality: One of my roommates and I ran to the grocery store when we arrived with our resident Austrian RA, and grocery raced to get a few nights of food.


A few roommates and I decide to go attend the Stephansdom mass. We decided it was nice enough to walk. We found the place okay. Then we tried to get home. Imagine a girl in heels, dressed tot the nines for church and all hovering around a map saying, "Perhaps, I think it is that way?"

We walked in several circles. Eventually, we made it home.

I laid down on the bed and then "Hey, were going on a walking tour of the district in a few minutes."

Reality: It is true that the Austrians walk everywhere, all the time and a lot.

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  1. Europeans in general tend to walk more :) While having a car and driving is convenient, I do miss walking sometimes.