Wednesday, September 25, 2013


First Day of School... and then some.

So far I love all of my classes. I am taking a music history course exploring Mahler and his philosophy and music in Vienna, a music theory and rhetoric course, a musicology internship, more German and private lessons and a music workshop. I am blessed to be so challenged and to have such interesting material to learn for the semester. 

My first few voice lessons have been great. I am working through a few technique issues and I can already feel an improvement in the way singing feels and sounds. 

On the break that happened recently I did a whole lot of chilling. Although some of the highlights were Carmen at the Staatsoper, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich Concert, a trip to the Music Composers graves, Dirndln shopping, and learning were I can purchase 50 different flavors of pop tarts. 

Also Otello at the Staatsoper was to die for! So far it has been my favorite performance of all the Operas I have seen this season. And there was a niffy tour that happened last night in the Museum Quarter for free. It was a modern, living art thing. There were 7 stops on the tour: a African spiritual choir, Scottish bagpipes, modern dance presentation in a hospital, Norwegian Folk band, 21st century classical music, Football choreographed dance, and the last stop was a punk rock party filled with people in fancy clothes, lots of confetti and a splash zone of popping champagne bottles. It was crazy awesome and only could happen HERE in Vienna. I am so glad that I came here to study and learn all that I could about music and culture and also about myself.

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